Body Work (every morning 9 - 10 a.m.)

Relaxation, body perception, harmonisation and, of course, energy, stretching and balance as a fine start into a another great tango day. Please dress comfortly an bring your camping mat.

Saturday - Monday (17 -19 July 2010)
Gyrokinesis with Esther Bohnhardt (Berlin)
In GYROKINESIS the focus lies on the mobility of the spine providing energy and co-ordinantion with fluent and dancing moves. 
Who am I? I was trained as a contemporary dancer, and I currently work as well as dancer. Also, I teach kids, teenagers and grown-ups in Modern Dance/ Jazz in  Berlin. In 2008 I finished my training in GYROKINESIS and have been teaching in the Marameo Dance Studio,  Berlin. Last year I discovered Tango and declared it my new love....

Tuesday - Thursday (20 - 22 July 2010)
Dance therapeutic exercises with Johanna Gruenenbeg (Berlin) 
On the vibrations of the music and connected to both the ground and the universe, we feel our body, our breath, our axis and our mobility, too. We will move horizontally, vertically and walking. Turning heaviness into lightness, we positively affect groundedness and posture. Because of the inner and outer changes, your movements are more serene, more balanced and -  you feel more at ease, more able to do dance elements. Take this serenity out into your day and set this fire to others ;-). 
Johanna is an alternative practitioner working with therapeutic dance, too. She worked as a competition ballroom dancer . She likes to be inspired by others, to implement new aspects into her work for a better flow of energy. Therefore, there is no fix relation between teacher and student, but a mutual learning and  

Friday - Sunday (23.-25.07.2010)
with Claudia Adel (Berlin)
Claudia trained as a dance pedagogue and Pilates trainer. "I have been teaching dance for 20 years (mainly Flamenco) and Pilates for 3.5 years at different places in and around Berlin.
Dancing and body work are my passion and, newer, the Tango, which I got addicted to as a dancer as well as a singer for two years. I love to work with people with their very own characteristics. We will connect relaxing exercises with Pilates in order to awake you and to make your body elaxstic for the day...