All our DJs are experienced participants in the camp, who are close to the heartbeat of our event!

At the milongas and balls in the Main Hall we will have DJs with mainly classic tangos and (especially towards the end of the night) some alternative sections - of course, in tandas with cortinas.
Music on our outside dance floor during the day (and later parallel to the Milongas at the Main Hall) will be more alternative, there also will be electro and non-tangos, modern and of course a fine share of classic tangos.

Our DJs for Milongas and Balls at the Main Hall:

Friday 17/7/2015   Max Peschek
Saturday 18/7/2015   Korey Ireland
Sunday 19/7/2015   Andreas Reichel
Monday 20/7/2015   Horacio Godoy
Tuesday 21/7/2015   Jonas Maria Joma
Wednesday 22/7/2015   DJTJ Thomas Jordan
Thursday 23/7/2015   Franc Duking
Friday 24/7/2015   Nico Loco
Saturday 25/7/2015   Eric A. Naro
Sunday 26/7/2015   Danièl Lentz

Friday 17/7/2015
Max Peschek
We start the evening with cosy Tangos of the wild 20s and go off through the night with the Epoca de Oro with its many well-known and re-discovered treasures. After this Tour de Orquestas we move via the 50s toward more modern takes and contemporary Tangos back to the traditionals. In the early morning hours, the draw containing Non and Neo Tango music will be opened...

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Tango Nuevo Electro Non

Saturday 18/7/2015
Korey Ireland
Korey loves tango music - he is a professional musician and composer and works with many european tango community orchestras as this year with our PHANTASTango! orchestra too.
Korey has worked as a tango DJ since 2000, he has a large library of tango music, but prefers to restrict his selections for DJing to the best of the best. Korey plays dance hits of the golden era, with occasional sprinklings of older or newer tangos. Korey believes the enjoyment of dancers is more important then the agenda of the DJ and thus tries to adapt his playing to fit the crowd and the mood. He plays tandas, following the pattern of Tango, Tango, Vals, Tango, Tango, Milonga, and strives to collaborate with dancers to create a moving and memorable evening…

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Tango Nuevo Electro

Sunday 19/7/2015
Andreas Reichel
I love to dj the way I wished to hear it and dance to as a Tango dancer - with a broad variety in music and atmosphere. As a DJ I am closely observing the energy on the dance floor, which leads me live to choosing the next pieces. Our musical journey will take us through fine pieces of the 'Golden Era' nicely framed into Tandas and Cortinas and later - depending on the atmosphere - some other musical colours might pop up,..
First steps as a DJ in 2004 on my own 'Tango in the Attic' in Dresden. Quite alternative in the early years, I soon discovered the beauty of the traditional Tango. My motto: I'm on duty for the dancers!

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Tango Nuevo Electro Non

Monday 20/7/2015
Horacio Godoy
Some say he's the best tango Dj in the world.
Horacio has been DJing for the last 25 years at La Viruta, one of the most important milongas in Buenos Aires where locals and foreigners dancers gather every night. For the last 10 years he had DJed in the most highlighted Tango Festivals around the world.
His unique style and music knowledge is easily appreciated when he is at the DJ booth. He is considered as a referent for many tango DJs all around the world. Like a wizard, he controls the energy of the dance floor from up-beat tangos to the sweetest and melodic ones.
Get ready to dance until the last tanda!

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Tango Nuevo Electro Non

Tuesday 21/7/2015
Jonas Maria Joma
Jonas Maria Joma knows precisely how to get to your feelings and make you dance, dance, dance!
“In everything that I’m doing, I put my whole heart and soul. I love it when my selection of tango music energizes the dancers – like throwing out sparks – and they feel supported by it. It’s my passion. Music comes from my heart and is transported to the dancer’s heart. I feel intuitively whether I reach them and adapt accordingly. And I prefer traditional and klassische musik at milonga, time 30er and 40er. While DJing I follow to one simple rule - music must keep dancers at dance floor. I was DJ on festivals, marathons and milongas in Europa."

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Tango o.A.

Wednesday 22/7/2015
DJTJ Thomas Jordan
I envy people who can dance Rock'n'Roll to a Cortina - that looks cool! A Cortina doesn't have an easy job at all - just when it rises to climax, it's being cut off or faded. This is sooo mean!
Therefore today's motto: Long live the Cortina! Dance the Cortina!
Rumba - Chacarera - Swing - Foxtrott - Electrotango - Discofox - Oldies - Cha Cha - Salsa - Hoppel-Poppel - Anything - . . . and, of course, Roch'n'Roll!
Each occurs only once - until the very end - if you dance!
(-: In between traditional Tangos, Valses and Milongas in well sorted Tandas ;-)

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Tango Electro Non

Thursday 23/7/2015
Franc Duking
I like to build up the evening carefully, offering lots of variation in the type of music I play. I pay a lot of attention to the needs of the dancers, and enjoy playing with the energy on the floor. Because of this, I make my playlist on the fly, never before the milonga.
I play mainly traditional, TTMTTV, ranging from 1920s to 1950s music. I have a preference for melodical, intricate and playful music. Occasionally I like to play a single "special" to enhance the atmosphere! Later, when the party mood is firmly established I like to play some more non-tango. I rarely play electronic tango, but occasionally play new music from current orchestras. Looking forward to seeing you!

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Tango Nuevo Non

Friday 24/7/2015
Nico Loco
Since 2008 I've been DJing passionately. I love the Epoca de Oro, especially 30s and 40s. In the Milonga, I concentrate on the dancers and the atmosphere: I choose the pieces and Tandas in a way that makes people go home with a smile on their faces. For the Phantastango crowd I have some hand-picked specials with me. As usual in natural products, mixture and percentage might change ;-). I am looking forward to DJing for you!

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Tango Nuevo Non

Saturday 25/7/2015
Eric A. Naro
DJ Eric A Naro loves traditional Tango music weaving in some Non and Neo Tangos where it suits best for the atmosphere. The closing night will be decorated by his enjoyable Tangos, wheras toward the early morning hours more alternative sounds might prolong the night.

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Tango Electro Non

Sunday 26/7/2015
Daniel Lentz
Milongas with DJ Daniél are always a bit different. Despite the traditional framing with Tandas and Cortinas, dancers will be surprised from time to time. I won't make it easy for you to say farewell to Phantastango!
Wit nice, funny, dreamy, inspiring and energetic Nons! It might happen that a Cortina will be substuted by Jazz Funk...
I love the traditional Tango music and have great passion for the great Tango voices (Migual Caló, Domingo Federico, Pedro Laurenz, Juan D'Arienzo and many, many others).
A good balance between Vals and Milonga and Tango on the other side is very important for me. Vals and Milonga with their dynamic and rhythm invite dancers to be playful. Whereas Tango for me is the quiet pole of a Milonga creating space for breathing together in the dance.

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Tango Nuevo Electro Non
Musical styles:
guardia vieja and golden age (until 1955)
tango nuevo (after 1955)
electronic tango
non tango (classic, pop, world music etc.)
without information

Outside Dance Floor / Tango Café:
At the outside dance floor and the tango café is the space for spontaneous djing! Just bring your most favorite CDs, MP3s, Ipods... all technical equipment (PA) will be there!
For technical support ask our DJ TJ (Thomas Jordan).