You want to support PHANTASTango?

PHANTASTango! also lives of all the contributions of its creative participants!

The great thank you comes from our hearts - depending on effort you have, you might even get a little discount.

If you have ideas that turn PHANTASTango! into an even more vivid and colorful place - just let us know!

These contributions can be already offered in our registration system.

Building up and Taking down the camp
If your time allows, come one day earlier or stay one longer helping us with all the works beforehand or in the aftermath. You'll be catered for, in the evening might even be a mini milonga!
But: Keep in mind that this working time, no extra holiday!

We are the DJs!
We don't hire external DJs, but choose them from the camp crowd. We're looking forward to your application!
As a DJ in the main hall you create an entire night, whereas on the outside dancefloor you go for a spontaneous DJing and stay as long as you want (and are applauded to ;-))

Share your Tango ideas with the camp community - not in lecture format, but as a moderator in our laboratory.

Body Work
If you can teach any sort of body work, you can offer it either in the morning or in the evening lab.

Open Offers
No matter if it's meditation, discussion, slagline coaching or anything else - if you have an offer that could be interesting for the community just talk to us!

Kids Programme
Both kids and youth are happy about special offers.
If you tell us your ideas before the camp starts then we can support with room or materials.

Godparenthood for Camp Newbies
You're an old camp stager? What about introducing a newbie to the camp? Sharing your PHANTA knowledge in order to allow a first visitor a smooth start into the camp experience. Could be everything - a chat, a dance, a hug ;-).
Meeting for Newbies and Godparents: Sunday 12am (outside dancefloor).

Godparenthood for Beginners
Do you still remember how it felt to be a beginner? When the first dances let you almost die and self-doubt was biting you?
Maybe you want to give a helping hand to one of our beginners - an extra dance at the milonga, especially during the 'Easy Hour' (every other day 10 - 11 pm), at the beginner práctica or some interesting tips....
By the way, in case the beginner class misses partner you can join in for free.
Meeting Saturday 1:30 pm (small hall).

Performance & Orchestra
If you enjoy playing music or being part of a dance performance - this is just the right spot! For details look at the particular webpages.

Also in the course of the camp, we need helping hands from time to time - decorating, box office at the ball nights etc. Any help is very much appreciated!