About Us

2022 - a lot has happened in the management of PHANTASTango! New faces have arrived. Here you can see our new "Cockpit" - Mirjam Trepte (Halle), Andreas Reichel (Dresden), Holger Reinke (Hamburg) and Sandra Körner (Berlin) 

Our institutional base is the Phantastango non-profit association.
Headquarter: Mirjam Trepte & Andreas Reichel
Contact: Phantastango e.V. c / o Mirjam Trepte, Robert-Blum-Straße 37, 06114 Halle
+49 (0) 178 - 13 95 539
Register of Associations: Amtsgericht Stendal VR 2332
Tax Number: 110/143/45363 Finanzamt Halle (Saale)

A warm thank you to the entire team of the "Centre for future technology, arts and design – central workshop PFAENNERHALL Geiseltal" association for the helpful co-operation.

PHANTSTASTango! was initiated in 2005 by Mirjam Trepte (Halle), supported by Andreas Reichel (Dresden) and Uwe "Kemi" Kaemmler (Leipzig).