Tango Laboratory (daily 6:30 -7:30 p.m.)

Our tango lab provides a platform for exchanging tango knowledge and ideas. Let's puzzle and practice together! Ask any clever or stupid question and/or explain your own tango concept! The lab is free for all camp participants!

Every evening there is a lab in the main hall. Parallel a body work lab takes place in the small hall - with tango-related topics. (Bring a yoga or sleeping mat, comfortable clothing, a towel and/or pillow)!

Morning Sports
Main Hall 6:30 -7:30 p.m.
Body Work Lab
Small Hall 6:30 -7:30 p.m.
Tango Lab
Main Hall 6:30 -7:30 p.m.

Anna Maklewska
Leading, Following and improvisation ideas
We talk about various topics. Exercises for leaving your old habits. Lead and follow with and without touching, with or against the impulse. Giving and receiving weight.

Sat Ellen Urban 
Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga approaches gravity in a playful way. The fabric is your partner. Giving your body weight to the cloth, release, trust. Flexibility, stretching and strength are core ingredients. Experience yoga as you know it in a new way. Aerial Yoga is fun. It trains all muscles. Stamina, softness, mobility, body tension and balance are improved. Aerial Yoga protects you in the fabric as in a cocoon. Every session ends with a deep relaxation in the fabric. Aerials are available - we'll interchange!   

Katrin Freundorfer
Mindful Hatha Yoga
Practising Yoga together for an hour. Listening into your body, exploring the changing game between calming-down and moving. I am Katrin, 32 years old and a yoga-entusiastc psychotherapist. I am also a certified yoga teacher although currently my everyday life leaves no space for teaching. So, the more I look forward to our lesson together. No experience necessary, but comfortable clothes are helpful.

Ulrike von Bonn
Open Role - swapping roles (1)
Differences between leading and following
The connection to myself, the floor and the partner!

Sun Ellen Urban
Aerial Yoga
See abbove
Nils Kriedner
Blissflow Awakening Meditation
This meditation consists of a number of active, dynamic as well as meditative, quiet exercises (alternating) to release tensions, to awake sparkling energy, joyful body presence and an inner silence and clarity, too. We will play with the elements breathing, voice, movement, inner focus and aware feeling of the effects in faineance.
My backgroun: more than 30 years of experience and training on the paths of body awareness and meditation. I've been giving seminars and teachings in Tantra, Yoga, meditation and integral body work for 18 years.

Barbara Nies
Contact Impro + Tango = Contango! Space for exploration, flow, playing... with the Tango topics: encounter and contact. Proximity - me + you + all around us. We explore contrasts: Leading or following, space or tinyness of moves, speed or slowliness, detail or the big thing. Out of the contrast rises the "as well as". Let's broaden our habit move patterns, experience new aspect for re-integration in our Tango.

Mon Ellen Urban
Aerial Yoga
See above

Anna Maklewska
Body Awareness (1)
This series of exercises can make your brains sweat. We will play with imaginary balls in our body, hike through invented waters, look for our center in different circumstances, keep our own autonomy and travel up and down by a massage. Your newly gained body feeling will help in both the Tango and your everyday life.

Ulrike von Bonn
Open Role - swapping roles (2)
Invitation and reception
"Listening" to each other

Tue Iris Koppelent
Moving morning meditation
Clearing from the night and for the day. A guided meditaiton to awake the fascies leading into Vinyasana Flow & Silent Sitting. Mamy years of experience in physiotherapy, trauma therapy, craniosacral therapy, Continuum Movement and neuro-affective Yoga therapy. I've been working for many years in the fields of New Dance, Contact Impro and performance presence.
Margarethe Peggy Bohmann
Breema - deep relaxation
A fascinating and simple, but very deep body work with inner relaxation. A traditional Kurdish therapy for with or without discomfort, who want to experience the healing part of being touched. Mind, feeling and body are brought together in order to strengthen your vitality and bring your body into a harmonic balance. We work in mindful, empathic partner sessions on the floor. Please bring a mat and a you need to lie comfortably.

Andrea Savage
Right in the middle and no-one cares
Using our hips and their skills in Tango. An inspiration for dancing smoother. We playfully explore new ways of deliberately using the hips and learn that many things just get actually easier. I've been dancing Tango for 22 years and also teach it in my school "Tango 11". For 12 years now, I teach a new lab here in the PHANTASTango! camp.

Wed Iris Koppelent
Moving morning meditation
See morning sport Tuesday

Amrit Dirks
Breathing for Deeper Connection with ourselves and others
This laboratory will make you more aware of and connect with your - and your dance partner's - breathing. We use ancient breathing techniques as well as couple meditation from Kundalini Yoga. First we work on our breath individually and then we meditate in a group with another person. Being a yoga teacher myself, I experienced the deep impact of these breathing exercise on my dancing. I am happy to invite you to this journey into breathing. With or without partner. I look forward to meeting you there.

Ulrike von Bonn
Open Role - swapping roles (3)
Small and big steps

Thu Iris Koppelent
Moving morning meditation
See above
Anna Maklewska
Body awareness (2)
For kids and grown-ups. On our journey from the top to the floor and back, we will explore different ways and possibilties. We learn again to use alle extremities to support our body and release our back following the Tango vertical position.

Nathalie Mann
ContacTango - Let´s play tango!
In a playfull way, I offer concrete tools from the contact-impro dance technique, that lead to soften my body, sense my axis, and tune with my partner to play with it:
How to let go out of the axis with the flow, and play with kinetic energy?
How to modulate my tone to respond the gravity and the change of dynamics?
How to allow myself to make "errors" that I can use to open new doors in creativity, and learn from it?!

Fri Simone von Maxen
Feldenkreis - Awareness through movement.
"If you know what you do, you can do what you want." (Moshe Feldenkreis) - indulge yourself in dancing through easyness, erection and improved coordination. This method addresses the nervous system, focusses on the learning itself not the stretching or strengthening of singular muscles. Still, power and stamina grow since needless (power) efforts are minimized. I am a nonmedical practitioner , specializing in naturopathy in my own practice in Berlin Neukölln. I am very happy to be part of the camp.

Nathalie Mann
BMC - Body Mind Centering
A journey into the subcutaneous universe. We'll get to know these multidimensional structures enclosing all other structures and forming a continuous, multi-layer network. Fascies react to intention and come, therefore, ahead of the muscle's move. If you grant yourself some time for sensing, feeling and touching, you can find micro moves of agglomeration and relaxation. This will free your muscles giving you more easyness and elegance. I am a certified trainer in Body Mind Centering. This innovative approach to health and body work guides me through my being in the world.

Ulrike von Bonn
Open Role - swapping roles (4)
Transferring the leading
"enemy" take-over of the leading
Different embraces

Sat Simone von Maxen
Feldenkreis - Awareness through movement.
See above
Myria Sprenger
Breath and Heart Meditation
Leading and following by your breath. For half an hour we enter the realm of the breath and heart meditation. Following we explore our ability in leading and following with regard to the experience of the meditation and our breath. We deeply sense into "ourselves" and our partner. In the dance we sometimes are tense and we are not connected to our breathing. Especially if we are too headstrong or distracted. Then, this little toolkit can help us to connect again to our breathing and stay with it while we dance.

Jonas Maria Joma
We have something in common
One moment / one place / some seconds / one feeling / a situation / spontaneous / dreaming / fullfilling / pleasing us and making us happy / together it is more / being and experiencing together.

Sun Simone von Maxen
Feldenkreis - Awareness through movement.
See above