Our PHANTASTango Team

Here you can see the guys running the next camp (from the upper left to the lower right) on our preparation meeting in Mai 2019:

Franziska (urchasing)
Uwe (cooking)
Doro (cooking)
Holger (cockpit)
Sandra (cockpit)
Anette (cleaning/dishing)
Miriam (cockpit)
Thomas (engineering)
Andrew (cockpit)
Lutz (light)
Daniel (craft)
Anna-Barbara (brunch)
Melissa (registration)
Hartmut (brunch)
Melissa (bar)
Emma (bar)
Doro (bar)

Not at the preparation meeting, but will be present at the camp:
Arne (sound)
Simon (bar)
Steffi (cleaning/dishing)
Britta (cleaning/dishing)