Body Work

Early Morning Body Work   daily 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. small hall
Evening Body Work   daily 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. small hall
Private Sessions   on appointment

Early Morning Body Work daily 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. small hall
(included in your PHANTASTango fee)

Relaxation, body perception, harmonisation, stretching and, of course, improving energy and balance as a fine start into a another great tango day. Please dress comfortly and bring your camping mat.

Saturday - Monday (22-24/7/2017)
Feldenkrais - Sensing, Understanding, Changing
Ute Karnahl

Dancing a lot stresses your joints quite heavily. Minor dysbalances and malpositions suddenly come out after a long Milonga or Tango week.... Therefore, it is quite important to improve your posture and axis as well as all physiological work movement - in order to have a light and effortless dance as well as avoid single-sided overstressing and disorders.
Feldenkrais for Tango starts with your body sensation develops from there perception, attention, mobility, coordination, balance and power - resultung in more enjoyable dancing. The goal is to reach a stable center based on the natural anatomic structure of our body and physiologically useful movements and posture using our biomechanic movement resources.
Ute is a trained Feldenkrais practitioner and Tango dancer.

Tuesday - Thursday (25 -27/7/2017)
Centering Yoga
Claudia Kratzheller

In the morning sessions I guide you in a sensitive yet direct way to be centered and to be aware: by combining breathing and simple but effective exercises we notice blockages and how to release them. We allow the spine to come into it's natural alignment and balance strength and flexibility.
Effortlessly arriving into your body, smooth, energized and awake ino the day!  - and to be ready for more divine dances!
Quote: “Yoga is my navelstring to the universe and my anker to the earth, my passion, my love and my profession. Practicing yoga is like making love to the music of the essence of your being.” - almost like Tango Dancing…

Friday - Sunday (28 -30/7/2017)
Phantas Fascia Yoga
Cornelia Hendel

Fascias give our body structure, stability and smothness, and it is through them that we sense how, where and when we move. They love three-dimensional, varied movements which empower, stretch and brings elasticity and let the dance with your partner feel good.
We exercise a creative fascia yoga not only aiming at the modern gymnastics aspect but also to better understand our body.
Cornelia is Yoga trainerin, systemic supervisor und dancer (New Dance).


Evening Body Work Laboratory daily 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. small hall
(included in your PHANTASTango fee)

If this is just a bit too early for you, then you could also take part in our body work laboratory (parallel to the tango lab). You can find the programme under 'Laboratory".


Additionally, you can book the following individual sessions:

Ute Karnahl
Feldenkrais - Functional Integration
Individual session: 70,00 Euro / 60 Minuten

Each single session includes a comprehensive analysis of posture and movement. That quickly reveals which habits might lead to disorders and also how to change them intentionally. Therefore, each session will be individual and specific depending on your needs. A soft hands-on technique and touches will relax muscular tensions, improve your sceletal posture and broaden the flexibility of both your joints and spine. Apart from a deep relaxation, your will have an immediate effect on your posture, flow of movements and pleasure in your dance.
Ute is Feldenkrais practicioner and Tango dancer.

Clemens Santüns: 
Massage & Rebalancing 
Individual session: 65,00 Euro / 60 Minuten

I offer the following massages:
Californian Oil Massage - it's like a little holiday from everyday life, a time to connect with your body. Using different stroke techniques with changing pressure, it will eliminate stress, tensions in nerves, muscles and fasciae.
Deep Tissue Massage and Rebalancing - gets to the bottom of things. I work on deep muscles and fasciae. Chronic muscle tensions can be solved by a deep working on the blocked parts. This massage can help to dissolve old patterns and re-balance the body.
These techniques can be combined with Cranio-Sacral work and joint mobilisation. You and my observant mindfulness will together find out what is good for you.
I completed a perennial training to become a masseur and body therapist at the Bodyworkakademie Berlin. Since 2008 I work in my own massage studio in Berlin. Additionally, I attended advanced trainings in Visionary Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Dance Therapy.