Tango Laboratory (daily 6:30 -7:30 p.m.)

With our tango lab, we want to provide a platform for exchanging tango knowledge and ideas. Let's puzzle and practice together! Ask any clever or stupid question and/or explain your own tango concept!

Every evening there is a lab in the main hall. Parallel a body work lab takes place in the small hall - with tango-related topics. 

The lab is free for all camp participants!

Main Hall 6:30 -7:30 p.m.
Body Work
Small Hall 6:30 -7:30 p.m.
Fri 21.7.2017 Jasminka Stenz
Start your camp and - dance!
Body awareness and improvisation games. You need nothing than couriosity and the wish to balance body and mind - for a start of a wonderful PHANTASTango camp!
Peter Zecherle
In the spur of the moment: Non-verbal communication and fluent role change
Sat 22.7.2017 Danièl Lentz
  The Hula Hoop Effect
Colgadas, Volcadas & Ganchos in small space for a crowded dancefloor
Clemens Santüns
The magic of touching
Based on the Yurashi Therapy we use touches and movements to free tensions and - we simply do each other good. A soft method that works with the switching-off of the nervous system and the defense mechanism.
Sun 23.7.2017 Andrea Savage
So what, I'm here!
To be there, not to be there, presence and groundedness... Good and interesting exercises to bring leading and following to a new level!

Steve M
Stillness in Motion
This tai chi principle will be applied within practical, tango-specific exercises, covering balance, frame, presence and an alternative to leading and following.
The outcome? An awareness of how we can make our dancing much more improvised, relaxed and in touch with the finest nuances of the music.

Mon 24.7.2017 Thomas Marx & Ina Zinkernagel
Tango Rhetorics
Everyone says Tango is a language - so let's fnd rethroric devices!
Mari Olschewski
Fascia-dynamic Fascia training
Exercises from my fascia, pilates, yoga and spinal training supporting dynamics, stability, flexibility and elegance in your dance.
Please bring mattress, tennis balls and pool noodles!
Tue 25.7.2017 Sebastian Mayer
  From Colgada to Volcada
Give weight trusting fully - improvisations from contact improvisation
Michael Dorwarth
Body scan
Mindfulness exercise - scanning touches of the body with your conciousness - lying or sitting , improving attention and concentration as well as the body-mind-connection
Wed 26.7.2017 Jasminka Stenz & Andreas Reichel
Argentina's Folk dance N°1
Anke Rozehnal
Foot competence
Foot gymnastics for your muscles and joints.Exercises for everyday use for more freedom of movement, awareness and a more differentiated use of your feet
Thu 27.7.2017 Tomas & Catalina
Lindy Hop (Swing)
Bouncing simply makes you happy!
Agnes Liebetrau
Hatha Yoga
 Clarity and regeneration through mindful movements and breathing. Soft stretching for softness, wellness and balance. Nice asanas for power,
coordination and a straitened up position. Time for silence and relaxation at the end
Fri 28.7.2017 Vito Venturino (El Cachivache)
Listen and dance music through a musician's ear.
Alexander Heidgen
Alexander technique
Through intended "doing nothing" - that means ommitting of bad patterns which limit the natural working of your body - we want to look at the
complex interaction of body, senses, thinking, feeling and acting.
Sat 29.7.2017 Wolf-D. Schulze
Musical request programme
What we really wish from our dance partner but hardly dare to say
Laura Macias
Yogalates Workout
Laura is a professionel ballet und conteporary dancer and offers a complementary training for Tango dancers improving stretching, fitness, stamina and  well-being!