Tango Laboratory (daily 6:30 -7:30 p.m.)

With our tango lab, we want to provide a platform for exchanging tango knowledge and ideas. Let's puzzle and practice together! Ask any clever or stupid question and/or explain your own tango concept! The lab is free for all camp participants!

Every evening there is a lab in the main hall. Parallel a body work lab takes place in the small hall - with tango-related topics. 

Main Hall 6:30 -7:30 p.m.
Body Work
Small Hall 6:30 -7:30 p.m.
Fri 20.7.2018 Frank Fischwasser
Rueda de Casino is a group dance in which salsa characters are danced synchronously in a circle. A Cantante (= singer) announces what is danced in each case. Frank and Zoe show you probably in the only dance in which you dance with many different partners within only a song. We learn simple figures - that's why this lab is also suitable for everyone - also to get to know each other and have fun!

Sat 21.7.2018 Sabine Zubarik
fun chain-linking steps or how to dance a canon
Clemens Santüns 
Der Zauber der Berührung
Based on the Yurashi Therapy, we release tension by light touch and movement and - do something good for each other. A gentle method that works by turning off the nervous system and the defense mechanism of the body.
Sun 22.7.2018 Danièl Lentz
Leader's Technique
Movements in 3 dimensions! We shar the dance by small movements of the body - leading without moving!
Lab for all levels - not only for leaders, but also for followers - come with partner or alone!
Svetlana Puschmann
Dance of Life - Dance of the Spine
An effective yoga workout followed by relaxation for more energy, flexibility and stability of the spine as well as your mind.
The "dance of the spine" is a dynamic sequence of exercises that
- one after another - moves the spine in different directions. The centerpiece is the pillar around which everything turns!
At the end of a practice session there is a guided relaxation. Relaxation should be an important element at the end of any workout because it is only during recovery that the body builds muscle and stores the energy and energy in the cells. The regeneration takes place exclusively during the relaxation.
Mon 23.7.2018 Helge Lüddemann & Cindy Wasik
Boleo technique: 7 solutions for the same task
Where does the energy required for a Boleo come from? Is a Boleo actively created (by whom?), or does it simply happen? We will play with 7 different techniques ("motors"), all of which will produce the same result (really?), even though their biomechanical foundations are very different.
Anna Maklevska
Comfortable in your own body
Imagine: What does a cat  in the sun look like?
We will seek that satisfaction and well-being in the movement. On the journey from top to bottom and back, we will explore different ways and possibilities. Use our all four limbs and relax the back to the tango-vertical position. Please, wear comfortable clothes!
Tue 24.7.2018 Zoe Stella
Lindy Hop
Hopping around doesn't leave you too serious - that why Lindy Hop has something moreish ;-). Lindy Hop emerged in the late 20s and is the root of all Swing dances. Zoe and Frank show you the basics needed to dive into Swing inspiration.
Claudia Kratzheller
Breath - Touch - Move - Massage Dance
In this lesson we will experience our breath first alone, then in contact with a partner: the space in the body that is freed and moved by deep breathing.
The partner exercises create contact through gentle touch, which makes the breath tangible and develops into a flowing movement during the encounter: a dance of touch.
Please bring mats, body oil and a clean towel
Wed 25.7.2018 Andrea Savage
  Holding Axis, stable center, standing upright... feet this way or another
This time we'll concentrate on our center / the hips - exploring what we can find there - and what to do with it ;-).
Hans Jörg Intemann
Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga is also called Yoga of Consciousness, the goal is to get in touch with its true self.
It is a dynamic form of yoga with mantras chants, asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.
Thu 26.7.2018 Manfred Behncke
Turning Variations

Ochos, where the feet and knees are together, we know well. In this laboratory, we leave these principles and find new ways to turn on both feet and learn to turn around joyfully also in slow motion.
Gesine Roewer
Contemporary Dance für Tango Dancers - Body Work and Stretching
We will develop simple exercises from contemporary dance to improve the dissociation, streching and relaxation of the body in order to be fit for the pista in the evening.
Fri 27.7.2018

Knut Humbroich
The "foot slider" offers many possibilities to fill the shared dance experience with new creativity. From playful to dynamic, the Barridas are also a great way to change the roles of leading and following in one movement: double role in single move!

Peter Kamber
Without tension: Simple yoga exercises that facilitate twists, strengthen feet and legs and relieve the back. Everything standing - without getting tired. Balance is everything. Bring paper and pen to record and become autonomous!
Sat 28.7.2018 Liudmyla Vasylieva
Where can I find my inspiration as a leader? We play with the creativity that is released through an active role of the following - for a tango dialogue without interruption.
Cornelia Hendel
Tired, Fulfilled, Relaxed, Happy?
Before this last tango night, we give ourselves to a gentle partner work to once again turn into a dancer, to take the last tensions  from the body, to let the breath flow, to feel the looseness of the released over the days joints and in Just to be there in a different hug.