Dear Tango dreamers,
currently, the pandemic is in its second year and far from being over. We miss you all painfully - and we are grateful for all the support and connectedness that we experience from you!

Unfortunately, the 2021 PHANTASTango! will again be rained off.
Despite all efforts no really safe concept is in sight for this year - just as little as a timely permission.
We will decide short at short notice, if and in what time frame it might be possible to simply meet on the Pfaennerhall camp ground without dancing. If so, we’ll let you know by 2 July at the latest!

Next year’s camp will be on from to 31 July 2022
(always in the last full week of July).

Donations for artists and the Pfaennerhall
Our musicians, teachers and the venue Pfaennerhall suffer even more from this pandemic than most of us dancers do, since they haven’t just lost their hobby but their economic livelihood. If you want to donate, these funds will be used for the basic work of our non-profit association and for the support of our artists and the Pfaennerhall.

Bank details & donation receipt

Your Photos for Camp calendar 2022
The 2021 calendar is – even without camp photos – wonderful and a ray of hope in these strange days. I’m quite sure that many of you feel the same (since we never had so many orders). So, let’s all together create the new 2022 calendar! Snatch your camera and shoot photos for us! Send me your photos, selfies, holiday impressions, dancing moments, nature views, every-day situations, sunsets, rainbows, sketches – just everything that tells something about you! What do the camp kids look like meanwhile? And how about you? This would be one of the greatest thank you for our work!

Dear ones, stay healthy, keep the Tango in your heart and hopefully see you soon!
Best wishes from Mirjam and Andreas!

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