PHANTASTango! Performance Company

You want to discover your very personal way of expressing the Tango?
You prefer to be part of the scene rather than being a spectator?

Then Jasminka's workshop about "Tango & Performance" might be right be just the right thing for you - culminating in the great group experience of staging your work at the ball surprise!
In a dynymic group work as well as a close teamwork between you tango dancers the fun of the dance and its expression will be in the focus!

Jasminka Stenz:
is a freelance dancer and choreograph based in Berlin. She is passionate about contemporary dance, contact improvisation and Tango - on the stage, at the dance theatre, in the research and in her classes.

Guided by her awake choreographic mind and her very own dance language, Jasminka will lead you into new fields of dance and expression!
Jasminka is a creative and qualified artist merging already existing moves of the free impro into stage-proven choreographic elements. 

"I set my foot into the air and - it bore" (Hilde Domin)
Workshop programme 
Mo   20-22   Stage work and body presence
Mi   20-22   Ways of expressing Tango on stage
Do   20-22   Through improvisation to the choreographic element 
Fr   20-22   Team work and interaction
Sa   20-22   Dress rehearsal
Sa   23:00   Performance :-)

In our performance we will explore the thin line between realistic functionality of our body and its poetic side, between drama and soberness, narration and abstraction. We will make a group as well as an individual experience giving us the possibility of both a new reflection and an encounter with our selves! 

How can Tango be detached from its usual images only to form new ones - refreshing and expressive?! How can we meet in Tango, what makes our feet move? Could we possibly create a PHANTASTango! Performance out of our inner images including our experiences and feelings?
We will work on our presence to be able to act awake but relaxed on the stage. Your very own way of expression that everyone of you has will as well shape our work as being developed. This will challenge you in a way but at the same time provides the opportunity to grow personally and - brings a lot of fun for sure! 

Fee & registration:
25.00 Euro per Person for the entire performance work
subscription in our online registration system! 
If you want to learn more about this subject we warmly recommend also to take part in Jasmina's workshop about "Tango & Contakt Improvisation"!