Serve and beeing served - that's our philosophy.
That's why we need your help organizing the self service in the camp. So one day you can relax - next day you'll be there for others. And: Working together unites - and is fun...

You will have to do 1 duty per 2 days you're in the camp. You can choose your duties after your registration, if you don't do so, we will assign your duties before the camp starts.
Youngsters who use our student's discount are asked to do 2 aditional duties.
Even our children will overtake one little task per 4 days in the camp.

Changing duties:
If you have to change any duty because it conflicts with another event, please look for someone who's willing to swap with you and come with him/her to the office to manage the exchange.
Please, do not make any swappings on your own – you only cause confusion for yourself and our team leaders, too.

Don't forget your duties!
Please don't let the chiefs down, and be on time at the meeting point!
If it should happen that you missed your duty - please come to the office to get assigned a new one.

Care of Health
Please inform us in case of illness or symptoms (e.g. fever, diarrhea, vomiting, skin problems). In this case you are NOT allowed to duties for hygiene reasons.
Please respect the special advices for the handling of food. You find them in printed form in your duties.

Preparing breakfast, restoring stuff at the end

Cleaning of all room (showers, toilets, main and small hall, dining area, dorm, outside), rinsing glasses from last nights milonga...


Preparing and cooking dinner: peeling, cleaning, chopping, frying, steaming, baking, cooking - depending on the menu...

Clearing dishes, cleaning, tidying up the kitchen

Special Duties
Children's Breakfast
Kitchen Completion
Milonga Decoration
Buffet Clearance

Cash Box
Bar (collecting glasses and dishing)
Tidy up :-D
Flowers for our artists