If you want to support PHANTASTango!

PHANTASTango! is a participatory event that also lives of the many good ideas and practical support of its participants!

We thank you for your contribution with our hearts and - depending on the extent of your offer - with a discount on your booking fee.

Let us know your PHANTASies, your ideas - which help to make PHANTASTango! a more vivid and colorful event!

Here are some examples which you can already choose in your registration.

Building up/ Taking down the camp
If you can arrange just arrive one day before camp start or stay one longer and be a helping hand for either building up or taking down the camp! You are catered for and in the evening we'll have a mini milonga!
But: These days are working days not a free extra holiday!

We are our DJs!
We do not aquire outside DJs but from our participants. We are looking forward to your application!
As a DJ in the main hall you will create a whole night, and on our outside dancefloor you can deejay spontaneously and as long as you please and get applause for it ;-). 

Tango  Laboratory
Share your Tango ideas with others - not in a frontal teaching but as a moderator in your lab!

Body Work
If you are skilled in a body work discipline, then you could offer body work in the morning or a lab in the evening. 

Open Offers
Whatever it might be - a meditation circle, discussion group, slagline training or or or - you can offer anything that is interesting for the camp comunity! Just let us know!

Kids Fun
Kids and teenager at the camp are happy about special activity offers.
If you let us know your ideas beforehand, we can support you with material and room planning.

Being a godfather for a camp newbie 
If you had already been here often and know the camp inside out then you could maybe welcome and guide a camp newbie on her/his first ways here. This could just be nice chat or a dance to provide them a smooth start into the comunity.
We start with a guided tour through the camp on the first Saturday, 1:30 pm at the small hall.

Being a godfather for a Tango newbie
Do you still remember what it felt like when you were still a beginner? When you were so excited before every dance that you could hardly breathe and self-doubt was nibbling on you?
Maybe you want to be a mentor for one of our beginners - with a little extra dance at the Milonga - especially at the "Easy Hour" every other day 10-11 pm, our beginner practica or simply with some good advices.
As a beginner's godfather you are entitled to take part in all beginner classes if partners are needed.
We meet to get to know each other on Sunday, 1:30 pm in the small hall.

Performance & Orchestra
If you enjoy playing music or performing then you're just at the right place! For more details see the pages on our website.

Of course, during the camp a helping hand is needed from time to time - may it be for decorating the hall, in the box office at live balls or other things. We are happy about every helper!