Highlights - Balls with Live-Acts:

Saturday 19|7|2014
Opening Ball Quinteto Ángel
Tuesday 22|7|2014
Halftime Ball Duo TONO

Homer & Cristina Ladas
Chloe & Dionisis Theodoropoulos
Patrizia & Michael Kronthaler

Sonja Armisen & David Schneider
Sabine Zubarik & John-Michael Mendizza
Tango Shoe Sale by Mi Passion
Friday 25|7|2014
Farewell Ball Collectif Roulotte Tango
Saturday 26|7|2014
Participants Ball Surprice
Homer & Cristina Ladas
Chloe & Dionisis Theodoropoulos
Patrizia & Michael Kronthaler

PHANTASTango! Kinderzirkus
PHANTASTango! Performanc Company
PHANTASTango! Orchester
and many others...

Saturday 19|7|2014 10pm - 5 am Opening Ball


Quinteto Ángel (Berlin)

Christian Gerber (Bandoneón), Frank Schulte(piano), Bernhard von der Gabelentz (violin), Samuel Lutzker (cello), Rodolfo Paccapelo (double bass)

"...never shallow or superficial, always straight, free of kitsch, always full of tention thus not boring for a single moment... They are all thoroughbred, well-trained musicians, virtuosos on their instrument with an incredible intuition for the singularity of the Tango." (Tango Danza)

Founded in 2001, Quinteto Angel has quickly become one of Germany's most acclaimed Tango orchestras wowing both listeners and Tango dancers throughout Europe. The music of the five dedicated musicians drews its extraordinary intensity from the seeming opposition between solemn melancholy and vehemently vibrant energy. Their distinctive interpretations of both traditional Tangos and compositions of the Tango Nuevo founder Astor Piazzolla are the proof that the Tango is vivid in Europe, too.

The creative mixture of the different backgrounds of the musicians, such as Jazz, Classical Music and Tango, generates a very individual as well as unmistakable style of their arrangements.

Tango Show:
Homer & Cristina Ladas (San Francisco)
Chloe Theodoropoulou & Dionisis Theodoropoulos (Athens)
Patrizia & Michael Kronthaler (Munich)


Tuesday 22|7|2014 10pm - 5 am Halftime Ball

Duo TONO (Dresden)

DJTJ Thomas Jordan & DJ Norbert Horn

Duo TONO - that are two 78 rpm "nerds" collecting mainly Tango records. They will pack a case with their best discs with the best music for you. Meanwhile they can choose from a pool of about 1200 original Argentinian editions mainly in mint condition. And really, there is an audible difference between the original sound of a grammophone and a digital file from your computer. Even with good restoration tools - it's just not the original!
You will, of course, hear all orchestras of the "Golden Era" from Angelis to Vargas, but also wonderful recordings from the late 20s and 30s, forgotten or rediscovered pieces from no-name orchestras as well as a bunch of European orchestras.

Duo Tono will create a musical and visual synthesis of the arts in the style of the 30's with you - we look forward to your elegant wardrobe of that period!

Tango Show:
Sonja Armisen & David Schneider (Munich)
Sabine Zubarik & John-Michael Mendizza (Erfurt/Santa Barbara)
Tango Shoe Sale
with Junaid Hameed by Mi Passion (Stuttgart)


Friday 25|7|2014 10pm - 5 am Farewell Ball

Collectif Roulotte Tango (Saint-Etienne)

Maxime Point (Bandoneon), Rémi Cortial (Guitar, Bandolim), Julien Bondel (Piano), Mehdi Al Tinaoui (Violin), Felipe Nicholls (Doublebass), Gaspar Pocai (Bandoneon, Voice), Hervé Esquis (Bandoneon), Véra Markovitch (Violin) www.roulottetango.com

Collectif Roulotte Tango is a young ensemble presenting fresh arrangements of traditional tangos from Di Sarli to D'Arienzo in a charming French style. The seven musicians proof Tango not to be only a sad thought but humour and exuberance, too. 

Based on the arrangements of Di Sarli, Salgán, Troilo, Caló, Pugliese, D'Arienzo, Biagi, Canaro, De Caro and Gorio Roulotte interpret the old maestros in a very personal way. The special sound of Roulotte derives from the fact that it comprehends three instruments unusual for an Orquesta Típica: guitar, accordeon and mandolin. That opens new musical horizons. The mandolin can play at a higher range usually reserved for the Bandoneón and the violin. The possible melodic ornaments are simply a feast for the ears! Another important part of the unique sound of the orchestra is the expressive voice of the Argentinian singer and bandoneon player Gaspar Pocai.

Tango Show:
Homer & Cristina Ladas (San Francisco)
Chloe Theodoropoulou & Dionisis Theodoropoulos (Athens)
Patrizia & Michael Kronthaler (Munich)


Saturday 26|7|2014 10pm - 5 am Participants Ball Surprise

The actual farewell for the participants of the PHANTASTango! filled with own activities and framed by e.g. the PHANTASTango! kids circus, the PHANTASTango! orchestra, the PHANTASTango! Performance Company and many more surprises :-)

Again, we're looking forward to your creative ideas!