Body Work

Early Morning Body Work   daily 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. small hall
Evening Body Work   daily 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. small hall
Shiatsu, Massage & Rebalancing   private sessions

Early Morning Body Work daily 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. small hall
(included in your PHANTASTango fee)

Relaxation, body perception, harmonisation, stretching and, of course, improving energy and balance as a fine start into a another great tango day. Please dress comfortly and bring your camping mat.

Saturday - Monday (19 -21/7/2014)
Barbara Wilhelmi (Rheinbrohl)
Yoga for tango dancers following the B.K.S. Iyengar school. Strict school.

Yoga opens the body, gives unlimited freedom, improves the energy flow and stretches the body in an intelligent way. It also strengthens the axis, the awareness for our limits and the self expression. We can integrate this new body feeling into our Tango.

Opposite to the general idea, yoga is not a soft relaxation technique, especially Iyengar yoga is an intensive challenge for body and mind. It is necessary to be very precise and concentrated in the positions and breathing exercises. 

We start with a meditation to find our center, followed by asanas for an outer and inner balance, centering and connection, a strong flexible body. At the end we widen our mind in a deeply relaxed journey through our consciousness finally arriving completely within ourselves.

Tuesday - Thursday (22 -24/7/2014)
Cindy Wasik (Bremen)
Pilates for a strong axis

Pilates is a holistic and smooth exercising concept. Using a particular breathing technique and holding the axis in different exercises we refine the perception of our posture and strengthen our muscles.

This is especially helpful in tango for being at ease with volcadas. No aching back anymore after the milonga...

Friday - Sunday (25 -27/7/2014)
Imke Wangerin (Berlin)
Vinyasa Flow for a smooth wake-up

We welcome our day with flowing movements. Spine rotations and powerful breathing exercises clean your body from inside, clarify your mind and provide us with a fresh basis for another great tango day. Stretching rounds up our program.

Imke Wangerin is a double-certified yoga instructor (YA 500+). She teaches at the renown Spirit Yoga Studio in Berlin Vinyasa flow yoga. Breathing is the main focus in her classes.


Evening Body work daily 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. small hall
(included in your PHANTASTango fee)

If this is just a bit too early for you, then you could also take part in our body work laboratory (parallel to the tango lab). You can find the programme under 'Laboratory".


Clemens Santüns (Berlin): Massage & Rebalancing
Individual sessions (50.00 Euro / 60 minutes - 15-minute sessions possible)

I offer the following massages:
Californian Oil Massage - it's like a little holiday from everyday life, a time to connect with your body. Using different stroke techniques with changing pressure, it will eliminate stress, tensions in nerves, muscles and fasciae.

Deep Tissue Massage and Rebalancing - gets to the bottom of things. I work on deep muscles and fasciae. Chronic muscle tensions can be solved by a deep working on the blocked parts. This massage can help to dissolve old patterns and re-balance the body.

These techniques can be combined with Cranio-Sacral work and joint mobilisation. You and my observant mindfulness will together find out what is good for you.

I completed a perennial training to become a masseur and body therapist at the Bodyworkakademie Berlin. Since 2008 I work in my own massage studio in Berlin. Additionally, I attended advanced trainings in Visionary Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Dance Therapy.


Ruth Große-Wilde (Bremen): Shiatsu
Individual sessions (50.00 Euro / 60 minutes)

Open your mind - find yourself.
Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy form combining acupressure and massage. Deep pressure, stretching and rotation provide the ground on which the organism can rebalance its functions and find its center.
Shiatsu originates in Traditonal Chinese Medicine as well as in the model of the meridians leading everywhere through our bodies. These meridians are linked to pyhsical as well as emotional and mental processes in our body. 
In relaxation and with a flowing clear contact we can loose tensions and also improve our self-healing energy; we can release. In the Shiatsu session you lie on a matress on the ground wearing light and comfortable clothes. 

I am a Shiatsu practicioner since 2008. I integrate my experience from dance and body work. The basis of my work is a mindful contact deriving from many years of Bhuddist practice as well as from being a Core Dynamic Trainer, too.