Clarisa Aragón & Jonathan Saavedra

Cristina & Homer Ladas

Thomas & Catalina Lotte-Fooken Jasminka Stenz

Clarisa Aragón & Jonathan Saavedra

They were both born in Cordoba, Argentina. Both are highly skilled dancers and are already recognized at a young age for their genuine and substantial teaching. In August 2015 they won the world championship for Tango Salon in Buenos Aires.

Clarisa started her dance training as early as at the age of 9 years. From 2007 to 2012 she studied at the Jazz Dance Studio Eugenia Calamita. As from 2009 she concentrated on Tango and studied with different masters such as Milena Plebs, Virginia Pandolfi, Los Dinzel, Maria Ines Bogado und Sebastian Jimenez, Daniel Nacucchio und Cristina Sosa, Osvaldo und Coca and others.

Jonathan learned folclore first at the age of 5 in Cordoba. He danced with different gropus such as Calaquendi, Blut Chúcaro. His Tango took of in 2010 and he took lessons with Gaspar Godoy, Adriana LaPlaca, Diego Escobar und Angie Straund, Dante Sanchez und Ines Muzzopapa and others.

Class language: English, Spanish ...
Privates: 100Eu (single person) / 150 Eu (couple) +10 Euro surcharge


Homer & Cristina Ladas

Cristina & Homer are visiting PHANTASTango! for the 5th time and that is for a good reason: They are simply our most favourite teachers! They are excellent dancers, brilliant teachers and charismatic personalities.

For Homer & Cristina Tango is a vivid, social and artistic form which derives from historic roots and is in permanent development adjusting itself to to as well as formed by the environment.No individual or group owns the tango. Their vision is a borderfree Tango world in which we respect and learn from the past, live in the present, and let the future unfold.

We each dance our own style, even though stereotyped thinking wants to make us believe otherwise. All dancers go through beginner, intermediate, and advanced stages of navigation skill. There are four branches of tango awareness:  Self, Partner, Music, Surroundings. A measure of one's tango success is how well his/her style can adapt socially to other dancers. And last but not least the life-cycle of a tango dancer includes student, Ego, apathy, and often times repeats...

Homer & Cristina have been providing comprehensive video material, as well as filmed teaching session wich are available online and on DVD. 

Class language: German, English, Spanish
Privates: ... Euro +10 Euro surcharge


Thomas & Catalina Lotte-Fooken

Catalina & Thomas are together 20 years of Tango in Germany making them Tango dinos here. They love to teach Tango embedded into a ragtag crossover of Pilates, ballet and Franklin method - but they still refuse calling it PibaFra Tango...
Although both love the traditionals of the Golden Era, from time to time a ballad or a groovy Swing is as welcome. But for both the most important aspect over all these years has been the feeling of love and respect in the dance and around - old-fashined but sooo lovely! A show of Catalina & Thomas is not necessarily a sad thought being danced, but instead a happening dotted by some humourous tendencies.
In 2016 they said good-bye after 17 years to their beloved LiberTangoSummerHolidayFestival which opens for us the oportunity to invite these inspiring teachers to PHANTASTango!

Catalina & Thomas will also teach two bootcamps each confining 3 classes. These classes will gradually build up the topic. Of course, we recommend booking the complete bootcamp, but you can also book single classes of the bootcamps (at the beginning of each lesson a short summery of the previous classes is given for the new participants).

Bootcamp (I): Tangomatrix Revolución
If the leader transforms into a follower and vice versa
Dancing Tango is passion and intensity and this is based on a variety of technical demands for both leaders and followers searching for harmony and respect within the couple. Based on this idea we explore new possibilites for communication allowing a creative dialogue in which partly (and invisible from outside the couple) traditional roles are exchanged and female inspiration can flow into the dance. This sparks an exciting play of time, space and music, opening new perspectives for your dance.
(intermediate and advanced level)

Bootcamp (II): Entrada - Enrosque - Lapiz
The art of beautiful turns
They belong the most important and beautiful elements of Tango, but simillarly they also are technically most requiring. You will lern about the sheer endless varieties and combinations of these Tango elements which can strikingly broaden your repertoire of turns. To reach that goal, we will work on techniques that allow a stable axis, smooth dissociation and a powerful pivot.
(advanced level)

Class language: German, English, Spanish
Privates: ... Euro +10 Euro surcharge


Jasminka Stenz

Tango turned her into a dancer.
It was first the music of tango and then the dance itself that made me dance. I dived deeply into the world of tango in Basel. Its passion braught me to the point of life where I decided to get a professional dancer.

Contact Improvisation is a wonderful dance working with the physical contact between you and your partner. Contact Improvisation is a process in which you learn, forget, accept, realise, digest and release. It's basically about open observation in the dance without judging. Can I allow, can I let go, let the dance and the movement grow? By impovising I get the chance to learn something about myself: how do I act, how perform.
Using different body work techniques we will raise awareness for our body tensions and how to use them more intentional. Thus, we train our bodies through body perception.
We will deal with basic elements of contact improvisation such as following the point of contact (slide, roll, reach), weight (sharing the weight, Lehnen und Fallen), physical listening (leading and following), centre (centre-to-centre connection and lifts). I am looking forward to you!

Class language: German, English, ...
Privates: ... Euro +10 Euro surcharge