PHANTASTango! Circus

Tuesday 25/7/2017 9 pm
PHANTASTango! Circus Night

For our next camp we are planning a special highlight - a great circus night on Tuesday!
Phantastango-like we again want to stage your creative potential - so join the project, take part and create it! 

For this project we get great support by the Zirkusschule Klatschmohn from Halle! There will be a circus tent on the meadow, lots of circus material, costumes for kids - and special circus classes with Kathrin Rodde for kids and grown-ups alike.

Saturday to Tuesday
Workshops for kids & adults
Kids & Teenager 3-5 pm
Adults 6-8 pm

In our classes you will learn simple but dramatic circus tricks from juggling, acrobatics, clownery and funambulation. Depending on your experience and interest, Kathrin will rehearse techniques that are fun for you.
Our youngest kids will delight us with a funny baby animal group!

The actual highlight will then be the staging at the big circus night on Tuesday before the ball!

Preliminary meeting for all participants Friday 6-8 pm
Dress rehearsal for all participants Tuesday 6-8 pm
Show Tuesday 9-10 pm

From acrobatics, clownery, magic up to dance, of course, we already have a bunch of ideas. If you also have good ideas, don't hesitate to come forward - we are grateful for all suggestions! We also support you with your own acts or help you organising your training group!

Our circus show will exclusively be accompanied by home-made live music! If you like to accompany one or more acts with your music - just let us know! For the opening and the final Thomas Henschel as bandmaster will rehearse two pieces together with all participating musicians.

Taking part
You can take part in the programme in manifold ways:
• study an act in the acrobatic classes by Zirkus Klatschmohn
• stage your own act alone
• rehearse your own act together with others
• accompany an act as musician (alone or in a small group)
• study the opening and final music together with other musicians as band master
• rehearse a little baby animal parade with pre-school kids as "baby animal tamer"
• lead the moderation of the show as master of ceremonies
• help the artists with their costumes as costume designer
• put the artist's faces on as make-up artist
• giving a helping hand with re-anranging the stage, holding the curtain etc.
• making a good sound as sound technician
• putting the scene into a magic light as light technician

If you already have a proposal for an own act, then we are happy to receive your email or simply phone us. We are looking forward to your ideas!
See you soon!

In our online registration you can subscribe you and your children for the circus workshops under "additional offers". Or you can offer your own acts under "extra".
No Liability for accidents
Please note that the participation in the circus project is only possible with a signed declaration of participation concerning the exclusion of liability. Download declaration