Terms & Conditions

By sending a valid online registration and/or entering the place of the event, you wittingly acknowledge the following terms and conditions.

Term of payment
Online bookings are due within 14 days after booking.
For fairness reasons toward others interested, after that period unpaid places will be deleted.

Tickets for balls and milongas are to be paid immediately after entering the place of the event at the box office.

The legislator ruled that purchases of services, which are due within a specificly announced period (especially tickets for events and classes), cannot be cancelled. 
Bookings are personalized and cannot be transfered to another person.
We urgently recommend to take out a ticket or travel insurance.

Cancellation fees
In case a cancellation becomes inevitable, we reimburse your booking amount deducting the following percentage as cancellation fee of your actual booking amount depending on the time of the cancellation:

Rebooking fee
For all rebookings a 20% fee of the difference amount applies. 

Please, check in on the day of your arrival (online, on the computer in the camp or in the office). Otherwise, we have to cancel your booking in order to avoid mistakes in our duty schedule.

Our prices include 7% VAT for events, classes and camping and 19% VAT for hospitality service.

Advice for your stay in the camp 

Great, that you want to be a part of the Phantastango summer camp. For your own as well as our safety as organizers, please read the following advices.

Mirjam and Andreas 

General Information for staying at the machine hall Pfaennerhall

Dear Phantastango participant,
We are pleased to welcome you as a guest at the Zentralwerkstatt Phaennerhall!

Our location is a former brown coal mining district. The restoration, reconstruction works are still in progress and there are sources of danger in the surrounding field of Pfaennerhall as well.
The area used for campsites, parking is bound at regulations of the owner LMBV, the Lausitz and Central German Mining Administration Company ltd. All participants of the Tango Summer camp are to be instructed therefore on record that: 

To the support of the work of the development association Zentralwerkstatt Pfaennerhall we ask to consider the following: 

Thank you for your understanding! 
The development association Zentralwerkstatt Pfaennerhall (registered association).

Thank you for reading this document until the very end! 
There will be a little quiz in the camp – the code word is: CAMPER CAMP :-)