Marcelo Varela & Analia Vega

Michael Nadtochi & Silvina Tse

Thomas Rieser & Evi Sofra Lydia Müller & Ezequiel Sanucci

Marcelo Varela & Analia Vega (Buenos Aires)

What can we say about these two? Well you have to see them dance to know how powerful and influential they are. Their tango style reveals the mastery of the improvisation matching the expression of the music. Joy, dynamics and intensity characterize her dance. Marcelo's virtuoso combinations are supported by Analia's openness and strength.

They have more than two decades of experience working in the dance, transmitting and enjoying this universal language of Tango. Their empathetic and uncomplicated instruction allows the students to find their way to improvisation.

They are dancers, teachers and choreographers of Argentine Tango and Folklore. They have enriched their dance with other activities such as Theater, Ballet, Contemporary dance and Music, with constant research and investigation.

They were dancers not only in Alan Parker's film "Evita" in 1996, but also in shows such as "Sensual Tango Review" USA / Canada 1994, "Forever Tango" USA / Canada 1994-1998, "La Catedral del Tango" BS .AS 1999, "Tango Love & Sex" BS.AS. 2004, "Tango Review" 2014, "American Romanian Festival" Italy 2014.
On tour through the USA, Europe and Japan, they have participated at numerous festivals as teachers and show dancers. In Buenos Aires they give seminars and exhibitions in milongas with outstanding orchestras such as "Color Tango", "Los Cosos de al Lado" and many others.

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Michael Nadtochi & Silvina Tse (New York / Bologna)

Michael Nadtochi started to dance at the age of ten in Moscow, Russia and has been a professional dancer for more than two decades. His vast dance experience consists of performing, competing, choreographing and educating dancers and professionals all over the world.
Michael traveled the world and took part in major tango festivals where he taught and performed at some of the most spectacular venues. Germany, Italy, Denmark, England, Scotland, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Cyprus, Malaysia, Bali, Korea, Taiwan, Canada & USA are among the countries that he visited as a teacher, special guest and performing artist.
His extensive list of teachers consists of Carlos Gavito, Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida, Julio Balmaceda and many others who have been as an inspiration on a path of discovering his own Tango.
For the past 15 years Michael focused entirely on performing and teaching the art of Argentine Tango and in 2013 he was one of the principal dancers at 'Tango House New York' - the first authentic nightly Argentine Tango show produced in USA.
Currently Michael is the director of Argentine Tango Academy of New York & New Jersey and the founder of The Art Of Tango LLC. As an artist he believes that the most important aspect of becoming a greater dancer is the process of self-discovery. Classes and workshops are only tools that give the necessary technique and help dancers to discover who they really are. Michael is currently working on a comprehensive online course for studying Argentine Tango called ’The Tango Method’.

Silvina Tse started dancing at the age of 6 training in rhythmic gymnastics, skating, classical and modern dance. She has started studying Argentine Tango seriously in 2009 with well renowned maestros from Italy and Buenos Aires.
After receiving a degree in civil engineering Silvina decided to dedicate her life exclusively to dance and received MIDAS (Association Nazionale Maestri de ballo) professional teacher diploma. She has also won first place at the ANMB Italian Tango competition in 2015, 2016 and 2018.
Her approach to Tango consists of studying a variety of styles in order to understand the entire subject. Currently Silvina is a full-time teacher at the two most established Tango schools in Bologna - Streetango & Artedanza. In addition to that she travels to perform and to bring her knowledge of Tango to different communities in Italy.
Silvina Tse took part as a principal dancer in the shows ‘Rosso Tango” and ‘Napoli Buenos Aires” featured at the most prestigious theaters in Italy. She has also directed the theatre shows "Tangocardia" and “Tango a Spillo” performed at ‘Forum Manzoni’ and featuring a vast variety of Argentine Tango styles involving professional dancers, musicians and actors.

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Thomas Rieser & Evi Sofra (Berlin)

Thomas Rieser: His first contact with the beautiful world of the Argentine Tango Thomas had during his training for becoming a movement teacher and therapist from 1998-2000 in Stuttart. Later in 2000 in Berlin, he luckily attended his first dance class with Udo Hartmann. The joy and heartiness from Udo's class and dance became his ideal for his own teaching and dancing.
Classes, cooperations and friendships with many Tango dancers, teachers and organizers here and abroad formed his understanding of the Tango, his dance as well as his way of teaching. Connecting the individual progress of each student with the needs of the entire group has over the course of the years become a central focus in his classes as well as in the organisation of his school. The individual personality is in the focus, but at the same time it needs the active effort for a social culture, which referring to Thomas reflects the central idea of the Tango.
In 2004 Thomas founded the school Nou Tango Berlin. Managing his school also means for Thomas to provide positive impulses for the Tango in Berlin and beyond. The culture of this dance lives through every single dancer and can only exist and continue by us. Tango is a contemporary phenomenon with a long tradition that Thomas feels obliged to.

Evi Sofra: Music has always spiked movement for me for as long as I can remember. I finally managed to convince my mother to send me to dance classes in the age of ten and that’s when my official relationship with dance started. Classical ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary dance, even hip hop for a brief period.
I first met tango by accident in 2007. There is something about it that makes it stick to my life among my high priorities ever since. I guess what I like about it is the special language that one has to learn, just to personalize it and find one’s own unique expression; the connection, through which things 'magically' happen; the closeness and immersion, with no words needed; the improvisation that keeps everything interesting; the development of one's personal dance. But most of all the unity and the immersion into a wordless state of intense feeling. This overwhelming sensation is what makes me go on.
As a dancer I try to prepare my body, so that this communication can happen in an easy and clear way, leaving space for creativity and expression. A harmonious, lively embrace and musicality are the elements I value the most in this phase.
As a teacher I try my best to 'infect' my students with passion about this dance and help them through the difficulties that it presents towards their own dance. Seeing students of mine setting off to their own tango life is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had.

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Lydia Müller & Ezequiel Sanucci (Lissabon/Amsterdam)

Ezequiel Sanucci & Lydia Müller are dancers, teachers and choreographers in Argentine tango, contemporary dance, ballet and contact improvisation. They are directors of the company Tango Now where they make their own tango dance theatre productions. At Academia de Tango in Amsterdam & Flor de Fango in Arnhem they are teaching regularly tradiltional and neo tango classes, they are guest teachers at Codarts, and they teach workshop at other tango schools, dance academies, dance companies, festivals and events.

Ezequiel and Lydia they studied Argentine tango in Buenos Aires with Gustavo Naveira, Leonardo Cuello, Dana Frigoli and Jorge “El Pardo” Vieyra. In 2012 they got a scholarship for artistic development form the Fonds Podiumkunsten to follow professional tango studies in Buenos Aires for 6 month. In this period they studied traditional, neo and performing tango with well-known tango teachers at a professional level.

Ezequiel and Lydia performed as Argentine tango dancers at major festivals, theaters and milongas in Europe and Latin America as: Club Villa Malcolm, Festival Cambalache in Buenos Aires; Muziektheater Amsterdam, Festival Mundial, Taboe Tango, Argentinean Embassy in The Netherlands; TangoGreece Festival in Athens; and Phantastango in Germany, among others. They performed together with orchestras such as Alfredo Marcucci, Sexteto Milonguero and Trasnoche. In 2013 they performed tango at the celebrations of the coronation of the king Willem Alexander and queen Máxima. As contemporary dancers Ezequiel & Lydia have been working since many years with well-known dance companies in Europe.

Based on the knowledge they have in different dance styles, they did intensive dance research to developed their own cross-over style between tango, contemporary dance, ballet, contact improvisation and theatre. In 2010 they won the 1st prize for best choreography at Rabotheater Open Podium Twente in The Netherlands.

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