Tango Laboratory (daily 6:30 -7:30 p.m.)

With our tango lab, we want to provide a platform for exchanging tango knowledge and ideas. Let's puzzle and practice together! Ask any clever or stupid question and/or explain your own tango concept! The lab is free for all camp participants!

Every evening there is a lab in the main hall. Parallel a body work lab takes place in the small hall - with tango-related topics. 

Morning Sports
Main Hall 6:30 -7:30 p.m.
Body Work
Small Hall 6:30 -7:30 p.m.
Main Hall 6:30 -7:30 p.m.
Fri 19.7.2019

Zoe Stella
Standing Bues was yesterday.
Tango is cuddling! But, there's another dance that invites you to cuddling and experimenting... BLUES!!
A quite different way of moving and feeling, but so close to ours. Dive into it with me and let’s get crazy in the Blues World.
Sat 20.7.2019 Nils Kriedner
Blissflow Awakening
Blissflow Awakening consists of a number of active, dynamic as well as meditative, quiet exercises (alternating) to release tensions, to awake sparkling energy, joyful body presence and an inner silence and clarity, too. We will play with the elements breathing, voice, movement, inner focus and aware feeling of the effects in faineance.

Clemens Santüns
Qualities of touching
Giving awareness, giving space, giving touches - approach to the language of touching. How can I feel as well as give myself into presence, listening and replying with my hands during the massage?
In little exercises we try to approach this communication. I am an experienced body therapist, re-balancer and massage therapist working in my own practice in Berlin.

Knut Humbroich
How to convey leading impulses?
How do I convey these impulses from the leader to the follower? To explore this, we will dance some examples, practicing some less known leading possibilities such as vertical leading, intentional leading, providing space and tilting the hips.
Sun 21.7.2019 Hans Jörg Intemann
Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic form of Yoga combining body exercises (Asanas), mindful breathing (Pranayama), meditation and Mantras.
No prior experience necessary. 
Sven Jensen
Shake not hesitate
Using TRE (Traumatic Releasing Exercises) we will re-learn our natural release shaking. Neurogenic shaking is a method to release stress as well as to treat shock and awe. This follows our natural ability to shake and tremble and is probably related to our ancient fight and escape patterns. 7 bioenergetic exercises will help us to free the path to our trembling often degraded by harsh education methods.
This is not a psycho-therapeutic session but an occassion to get to know this feeling.
Please bring two towels.

Manfred Behncke & Ita Buse
Playing with the roles
We invite you to playfully change your dancing habits within the dance flow. With a calm and mindful view we will explore the possibilites once we open ourselves to dancing a dialogue. We experience intense moments when the follower becomes more active, or the leader gives up control. We will work on Tango elements which are convinient for this "role play".

Mon 22.7.2019 Katrin Freundorfer
Mindful Yoga
You want to calm down from all the festival hustle and bustle for a moment? Try it - on the yoga mat with calming Hatha yoga! We will focus on breathing - again and again finding ourselves in being here and now. Elements of the Hatha yoga such as sun salutation, breathing, relaxation and meditation will help us. 
Michael Schreiber
Sources of Energy
We search for sources of energy for movements - both together and alone. This doesn't happen in our heads but in bodies by trying and listening. In this process we copy both con- and unconscously the discoveries of other participants and let them develop into something new within ourselves. The entire session is pure joy of improvisation without being 'right or wrong' but offering the unexpected. This work is based on "Energetic Icons" from Doris Ulrich. 
Julian Hahn
Tango Basics
Posture, embrace, caminata and ochos. In both individual and partner exercises we explore ways to better connection in the dance, with ourselves as well as with our partner.
Tue 23.7.2019 Cornelia Hendel
Pelvic body work for Tango Dancers
Our pelvic area connects upper body and legs and is pivotal for stability and relaxation in the dance.
We integrate elements of Yoga, Pilates, Spiral Dynamics and Franklin Method into a soothing training session that gives tango dancers a holistic understanding of the fundamental importance of a relaxed and flexible pelvis.
Christina Stahl
Relaxation and Creativity
In our phantasy (elements from autogeneous training) we first travel through our inner body and then "dance" with our hands or a pen on a sheet of paper - expressing our imprssions and letting our creativity free.
Liudmyla Vasylieva
Send and Receive
Different body impulses inspire our leading and following. With some particular exercises we want to improve our permeability as well as our presence while sending and receiving.
On how many ways can we communicate and - what is most important fo me - floor, partner or music?
All these quesions we will explore usung simple steps.
Wed 24.7.2019 Ellen Urban
Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga offers a playful approach to gravity. The fabric is your partner! Giving your weight to the fabric, letting go and trust, working on your flexibility and strengthen your own body are the core ideas of the workshop. The usual yoga exercises can be experienced in a completely new way.
Aerial yoga is fun - all muscles are working and the entire body is stretched. Power, stamina, flexibility, body posture and balance are supported. Aerial yoga has something protecting. You are well sheltered in your fabric and you feel like in a cocoon. Each lesson ends with deep relaxation in the fabric.
Aerials are there - we change if more people come. 
Julian Hahn
Stretching and Power Exercises for Tango Dancers
We show you exercises and explain how these exercises can improve your dance in a durable way. (Julian is Tango teacher at the DNI Buenos Aires and as a guest in the camp :-D)
Ulrike von Bonn
Complicating Things
We work on a simple form which we will complicate step by step with little extra tasks. You can always stop at your level of complication and experiment. E.g. parallel, crossed system and the change - frontal or half-frontal - with/out pivots or or or leading or following - on the spot or on the line...
Thu 25.7.2019 Uwe Lohs
Yin Yoga
 A Yin Yoga lesson consists a set of mere stretching and body opening exercises. These are individual body postures according to your personal flexibility. We will hold them for a few minutes and then release them again. This improves your general flexibility. Due to a hip dysplasia my own flexibility a bit limited.
Schlafhorst Holger
Body Language - Personal Dialogue with the Primal Language
What are our looks, our moves, our postures like? In the salon as in live. But how conscious am I of all these? In this lab we want to see what is inside us in order to become more aware of our own body language and sense ourselves in a better way. The lab aims toward a better understanding of how thinking, feeling and body acting are closely related and - to find more ways to influence them.
Christiane Fenge
Theater Tango
Tango tells stories. We experiment on what we could maybe tell each other in our dance. As you can imagine this lab will be - let's say, playful!
Fri 26.7.2019

Mari Olschewski
Bodywork for Dancers

Exercises from my fascio, pilates, yoga and strong back traings for more dynamic, stability, flexibility and elgance in your dance! These exercises are also a good for the regeneration of your overstrained body after long and intensive dancing. Please bring a comfy mat and (if possible) a tennis ball and a pool noodle.

Priska Saile
How can "Bruegger" help getting more balance and relaxation in Tango
The reflectory pain treatment after Bruegger is a form of physiotherapy that works on the upright body posture and tries to understand and treat old relieving postures caused by overstrain and lack of exercise. In our Tango we often realize certain movements that 'stick' or 'squeeze', e.g. lifting your shoulders, hurting arms or knees, hip not in place. In this body work we want to sense what upright body posture means and why it makes your dancing more stable and relaxed at the same time.
Max Peschek & Claudia Tatzel
‚Kiss me … goodnight!‘
If the double time is the salt in the Tango bowl then the sincopia its pepper. If we can hear them and transform them into movements, our dancing will be even more fun! In this lab we want to provide some ideas as to how you can interpret these musical offers. Later, we listen to sincopias of different orchestras that you can identify them. A bunch of exercises will help you to settle them into your body memory.
Sat 27.7.2019 Martha Rygula
Soft Yoga Relax!

Already one week PTT - that was lots of moving and dancing, but little sleep! The sun won't let you sleep longer?! Let's welcome her together with some good stretching and relaxing that make your dance easier. As a trained yoga teacher with the experience of decades, I will support your exercises. Starting with some easy-going yoga exercises, we then flow into an intense and recreative deep relaxation. Also great for non-yogis. Start your day relaxed and with a smile :-)!
Martin Grimsehl
Extatic Dance
Extatic-Dance - extatic dance ritual, a way of moving. But there is no fix form as in Tango. It is about releasing blockades, about letting go - thougaimhts, steps, judgements. Slowly, the music gets louder, is sensitive, then wilder, trance-like, meditativ. You can just dance as if no-one was watching you. We dance a "wave", mainly with electronic world music including meditative dance elements, bare-footed and without speaking.
Please bring light clothes, water and a blindfold if you have one. .
Joachim Gebhardt
Soft and mindful plays with our axis
If leaders want their dance partners feel both relaxed and energetic in their embrace... how can they support that? Starting with a look at the followers role, we then derive its needs. We then practice a leading system which actively provides security and trust for our dance partner. The system consits of three topics.
Sun 27.7.2019 Anna Maklewska
Wake-up program
Patting, Massging, Stretching, Blinking and Peeping! Feeling inward and focussing outward. Being here and now. Good morning! A wake-up program with elements of girokinesis, dance, yoga and rowing and... and... and.