Beginners, Repeaters, Role Swap

We warmly invite beginners to join us into the realm of PHANTASTango and to learn the first steps of Argentine Tango. 
Also old Tango stagers can find a great opportunity here to trying the other role!

Sabine Zubarik & John-Michael Mendizza (Erfurt)

Sabine and John-Michael teach together in Erfurt and other places in Germany as well as in the US. They also both DJ at various events.

Sabine’s main interest is didactics; she organizes the annual TangoTeacherMeeting in Erfurt now in its 9th year, and leads courses for teachers. In addition, she researches tango academically.

John-Michael and Sabine teach close as well as open embrace. With uncomplicated step material they try to convey a feeling for musical dancing.

Languages: German, English
Individual lesson: 35.00 Euro + 10 Euro surcharge

Beginner Classes
Sabine and John-Michael will offer daily classes with covering a broad variety of Tango knowledge, which could also be interesting for medium beginners to expand their Tango horizon.

Since these are consecutive classes, we recommend the booking of the complete package (8 days).
You can find the actual topics under 'classes'. 

Easy Hour for Beginners
Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 - 11 pm
Our DJs will play music that is easy to dance to. Newcomers can easily pick up and being picked up, and you have the right of way on the pista.

Godparenthood for Beginners
Meeting for beginners and godparents Saturday 1:30 pm (small hall)
Experienced dancers are invited to be a godparent for one of our courageous beginners!
As a godparent you can dance with our beginners - especially at the 'Easy Hour', help with tips and tricks or just support them if questions or problems occur.
Additionally, you can also offer a beginner practica.
Godparents can take part in the beginner classes for free in case that partners are missing.

If you are an absolute beginner and didn't manage to book a place in the camp - don't be shy to contact us for help!