Dulce Lauría & Adrián Ferreyra

Chantal Imboden & Sebastian Tkocz

Roxana Umpierr & Cacu Lucero Sabine Zubarik & John-Michael Mendizza 

Dulce Lauría & Adrián Ferreyra

Dulce Lauria is an accomplished tango dancer born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She acquired her love for tango in her teen years and began developing her dance at the city's legendary milongas. She is regarded to be a highly attentive, experienced and engaging teacher. 

Adrian Ferreyra, a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina too, has been a dedicated tango dancer and teacher since 1998. He is known for his great talent and his passionate approach to teaching, always willing to go the extra mile to help his students to achieve their goals. 

Dulce and Adrian shared many years as staff members of DNI Tango School, constantly collaborating to help thousands of students achieve a more genuine, comfortable and expressive tango.

Their paths crossed again in 2020, when they became dance and life partners. They share a deep search for meaning in their dance, which manifests in their performances and classes. Adrian and Dulce are always eager to share their technical knowledge as well as guide their students to understand its true purpose: to connect with one self and the other, to share ourselves with honesty, and to express our inner world with respect, acceptance and joy.

Class language: English, Spanish
Privates: 70 Euro +10 Euro surcharge


Chantal Imboden & Sebastian Tkocz

Our tango
Tango can be many things, stage dance or a dance for the experience in couple. Historically inspired or evolving and modern.

Our dance has seen many stylistic changes over the years. Constant was the search for an ever deeper connection with each other and with the music and for organic, holistic movements. This is how our own style has developed over time, with particularly soft and flowing movements and the greatest musical precision and freedom. As perfectionists and passionate explorers, we were always on the lookout for an even more precise understanding of the human body and its possibilities in couple dance.

How we teach
We experience and teach tango holistically. We always involve the whole person, in every movement, in the communication of leading and following and in the didactic mediation. Our classes are very precise in terms of dance and language. At the same time, we are constantly striving to become better at conveying content in a way that can be accepted and integrated into the individual dance style of each student. On one hand, this means that in addition to precise verbal descriptions, we always offer images, analogies and of course the dance itself in order to be able to better understand the content. On the other hand, we are very careful not to be dominant with our language and not to build up resistance.

Knowledge and experience from Gyrotonic, Yoga and other dances flow into our tango classes, as well as from an extensive study of learning and teaching theory.
Everyone learns at their own pace. For us it's a part of our job to encourage everyone to get to know and respect this pace.

Last but not least, sensitive interaction in couples and in groups is very important to us. There must be at least two people to dance or learn tango. An open, supportive and inspiring atmosphere helps a lot!

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Class language: German, English
Privates: 80 Euro +10 Euro surcharge


Roxana Umpierr & Cacu Lucero

Joy, Didactics and Fluency. These 3 words could be a brief summary of how we could describe ourselves and what we like to transmit in our classes. We are both in constant training, from Feldenkrais and Thai Massage, to Contemporary dance and aguahara (Aquatic dance and therapy). Inspiring our dance from the roots of tango as well as all the other different disciplines that we are doing in our lives.

For more than 18 years we have been traveling around Europe and America, teaching in Tango Festivals, Tango Congresses, Contact Impro Festivals and Special Workshops. In Argentina, we teach in Mar del Plata, our hometown and in Buenos Aires, as well as in other cities of the country. We organize Contact Impro Festivals (this year will be the 11th) and Tangocontact Meetings in Mar del Plata and other cities (this year will be the 6th).

We love teaching, and a lot. Our classes seek a relaxed, comfortable and fluid way of learning, with a lot of respect for the process of each person. We focus on sensitivity, musicality and tango technique from an effective somatic perspective. We feel it is always important to remember that from the more traditional tango or from the more modern tango, both are Tango and most importantly, it is all about DANCING, SHARING and HAVING JOY.

We have a lot of material to share in PHANTASTango! and we are very happy to participate in this edition. We are looking forward to sharing all of this with you by making difficult steps simple to execute, giving you tips on musicality that can really help you dance tango and lots of body information so you can understand and feel in your own body how tango technique works for you.

Roxana Umpierr, born in Mar del Plata, has been dancing tango for more than 26 years and teaching since 2000. She has studied Contact Impro, Body Expression, Body Therapies and Aquatic Dance. She has a fluid movement that expresses comfort and organicity. She is a Massage and Aquatic Therapist (Aguathai). She organizes dance festivals in Mar del Plata and other cities in Argentina and Brazil. Since 2007 she travels to Europe to teach in festivals and other events.

Cacu Lucero, was born in the sea of Argentina, in Mar del Plata. He is in constant transformation expanding what he has learned. Tango is alive inside him, constantly updating and growing. Since 2005 he travels around Europe and America, teaching in more than 20 countries around the world. Since 2012 he and Roxana have been developing Tangocontact, which they initially called "Experimental Tango". A space of research within the dance itself to expand after their Tango. Pure creativity and sempsations mixed with strong technique and improvisation.

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Class language: English, Spanish 
Privates: 80 Euro (100 with both) +10 Euro surcharge


Sabine Zubarik & John-Michael Mendizza 

Sabine Zubarik and John-Michael Mendizza teach together at the Tango Argentino e.V. association in Erfurt, their common home base, as well as at other places as guest teachers. Both work as DJs at various events. John-Michael is also active as a tango-photographer. Sabine participated in Phantastango from the first year on and ever since; she joined the teachers' team already in 2007. John-Michael took part for the first time in 2009 and has been teaching the beginners’ courses together with Sabine since 2013.

Sabine encountered tango in Argentina, in 2005, during a guest lectureship in Córdoba, and fell in love with it. Since then, she travelled to Buenos Aires many times, completed a tango teacher training and has been teaching tango on a part time basis for many years. Her main interests are didactics and methodology: From 2010 on, she organized the yearly German TangoTeacherMeeting in Erfurt and taught courses for teachers. Over several years, she also researched tango academically and wrote articles for the magazine Tangodanza.

John-Michael, born in California, started dancing tango in 2008 in Santa Barbara. He moved to Thuringia, Germany, in 2010. In the following years, he first assisted in the association Tango Argentino e.V. and later became a crucial part of the teaching team. He is a goldsmith as his main profession. If he doesn't spend his free time with tango, he practices his other passion: photography.

John-Michael and Sabine met 2008 in Santa Barbara and have been dancing together ever since; they got married in 2011. They teach all levels from beginners to advanced, close embrace as well as open style, and they try to convey a good sense for musicality and spatial direction by using manageable steps and combinations. Their goal is to pass on a healthy basis of tango to people of all age groups, physical condition, experience and background, so that from the first moment on they can have fun dancing and take part in milongas. Although they like to teach all levels, their hearts belong to the beginners’ courses with the sometimes courageous and curious, sometimes shy newcomers who remind us that we all once started - and how exciting that was!

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Class language: German, English
Privates: 50 Euro +10 Euro surcharge