Tango Laboratory (daily 6:30 -7:30 p.m.)

With our tango lab, we want to provide a platform for exchanging tango knowledge and ideas. Let's puzzle and practice together! Ask any clever or stupid question and/or explain your own tango concept!

Every evening there is a lab in the main hall. Parallel a body work lab takes place in the small hall - with tango-related topics. 

The lab is free for all camp participants!

Main Hall

Body Work
Small Hall

Fri 17/7/2015
Bernd Laudowicz
Argentina's folk dance N° 1: Danced in a double line, hilarious and funny, with reminders to wild Flamenco and roaring bulls from the Pampa...  www.chacarera.de

Jasminka Stenz
Start your camp - and start dancing!
Jasminka will take on a playful journey via your body awareness and improvisation games to a liberating dance.
Nothing but curiosity is needed and the wish to balance body and mind. A wonderful come together for a good start into a wonderful Phantastango festival!

Sat 18/7/2015
Kai Linder
Nivel alto - Nivel bajo
Technique für leaders and followers for dancing to different music (traditional, Tango Nuevo, Non Tango) with different styles (more Milonguero or Nuevo).
Also, these techniques can be used to avoid 'accidents' by changing within a second from space consuming Nivel bajo to narrow dancing Nivel alto.

Eric Ludmann
Cranio-Sacral Work
Partner exercises
Cranium (the skull) and the Sacrum are the linking elements in healing concept. Like in Tango, connection, experiencing the couple and oneself are in the center.
Eric's profession as Cranio-Sacral practicioner since 2012 brought him to a deeper understanding of these elements.

Sun 19/7/2015
Mutat Erdemsel
8 elements of the tango music every dancer should know
Close look at Beat, Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Texture, Dynamics, Timbre and Form. Particularly selected aspects of music which to understand music and improve the quality of our dancing.
This lecture is highly instructional and recommend for all students of Murat's & Sigrid's Musicality classes.
duration 1.5 h, no body work today

Mon 20/7/2015
Christiane Fenge
Tango play - Tango drama
We use the means of the theater to improve our expression in dance. To achieve that, we experiment with feelings, images and stories to spice and fuel our dance playfully.

Clemens Santüns
Partner Massage
Being touched by people is often healing and relaxing. Supported by your awareness for yourself and your partner, I will you show some simple techniques for pampering another person with a still high quality of touching. I am a trained massager and rebalancer (structured body therapy). Please bring a matress and a partner... 

Tue 21/7/2015
Danièl Lentz
Belly Button Colgadas
Using the right technique, a Colgada is not a question of age or sportiness! We learn small and fine varieties of belly button Colgadas that can be danced in a crowded Milonga without any trouble.

Jasminka Stenz
Contact Improvisation (CI)
CI is a dance with steady physical contact between you and your partner(s). CI is a process in which you learn, forget, accept, realise, digest and let go. Jasminka's approach is very physical but still fires your imagination. It's always about now, about being in the present moment.

Wed 22/7/2015
Andrea & Zoe Savage
I only want to play!
Playful sandwiches and Barridas - some even initiated from the followers.

Jeremy Fast
Tschak Bum Tschack - Body Percussion
Everything is rhythm. Everything can be an instrument. Your body is the surface to be drummed at. We feel the beat 'under the skin', let us take away by the music. We will play with some rhythms and use them on our bodies. All you need is comfy clothes, your hands and feet. 

Thu 23/7/2015
Mutat Erdemsel
Seeing the music
Visualizing the sound, quick analysis of tango music with the help of fine arts. A new, fun and engaging angle to love and appreciate the music.
This lecture is highly inspirational and recommend for all students of Murat's & Sigrid's Musicality classes.
duration 1.5 h - no body work today

Fri 24/7/2015
Ina Zinkernagel
Giros - nice and round
No matter if its Tango or Vals, giros are a great pleasure. But how to do it without breaking our back? From basic exercises to giros for the salon!

Marischa Broermann
Moves and Bones
Listening to our bones, being led in the dance by your elbow, your little finger or your knee - getting in contact with all your body parts....
We look into the topics dance and anatomy awareness by means of body work, Contact Impro and freestyle dancing. 

Sat 25/7/2015
Eric Ludmann
PERFECT 10 - Looking for the perfect embrace
Phantastic embraces - a real pleasure once they are found. But, shouldn't be the journey the reward?
Finding the perfect 10! ...and that for the anniversary: Best of 9 years Eric's labs - condensed in this lab. Enjoy!

Phillip Richdale
Tenjin Shinjo Riu Massage
Tenjin Shinjo Riu - the 'school of the holy true willow' is one of the basic philosophies of all soft and inner Japanese martial arts.
We look into some parts of this massage and learn some tricks that make it something special. Excellent for rounding up a Tango night or as a smooth transition into the night...